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Advanced Trending

Easily track sleep patterns, workout patterns, mood and more along with your Heart Rate Variability.

Perpetual Research and Updates

We constantly research ways to improve our Heart Rate Variability app and services. You can be sure that with Elite HRV you are experiencing the best.


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Skin In The Game

We believe in having skin in the game. At Elite HRV we use our own product every single day to optimize our own Health and Performance.


Reliable Technology

Cutting edge technology using Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) for maximum accuracy and reliability.

Elite HRV App

Maximize Performance

  • Train to your body’s limit, but not more
  • Know when to push it
  • Know when you are overreaching before it becomes over training

Maximize Recovery

  • Optimize how long you sleep
  • Quantify the effects of recovery techniques – do they really work?
  • Activate your Parasympathetic system for anabolic recovery

Strengthen Your Nervous System

  • Quickly flip between Sympathetic and Parasympathetic as needed
  • Trend improvements over days, weeks, months and beyond
  • Train your breathing patterns to optimize Heart Rate Variability and Nervous System Function

and so much more!

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