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Description of App and Services


  • Bluetooth connection to Heart Rate monitors
  • Easy to take Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability readings
  • Daily “readiness to perform” score with an easy to understand Autonomic Nervous System Balance Gauge
  • Detailed chart analysis of HRV readings
  • Weekly/monthly trends to recognize and optimize stress and recovery patterns
  • Advanced tagging features to trend sleep, exercise, and lifestyle factors against HRV
  • Weekly and monthly insights
  • Guided breathing readings
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Ability to join a team and securely share data with a Coach/Health Practitioner (with additional privacy settings)
  • Personalized account with photo and goals
  • Optional free account to securely backup encrypted data
  • Free “Guide to Heart Rate Variability” with account
  • No in-app purchases (IAP), no ads

Coming soon:

  • More advanced breathing guides with live biofeedback (coherence)
  • User customization
  • Demographics trending
  • Community features and friends

Team Web-Dashboard

  • Intended for Coaches, Health Practitioners, and Group Leaders
  • Central location for individual and group trending and analysis
  • Table analysis with sorting and filtering options
  • Group graphical trending with filtering options
  • Individual graphical trending and HRV details with filtering options
  • Manage team member and privacy status
  • Ability to add notes about team members
  • Ability to add team admins
  • Included video resources and guides
  • Automatic cloud syncing between member app and Team Web Dashboard
  • Securely backed up and encrypted data
  • Flexible payment options to fit all team sizes

Number of Users

Over 50,000 and counting

App Ratings

Google Play: 4.5starstransparent

App Store:    4.5starstransparent


“Proper day-to-day dosing of training stimulus is the key to athletic success, and Elite HRV is the most efficient and effective way to predict that appropriate dose.” -Keith Norris (Partner, Efficient Exercise & ARXFit, Co-Founder Paleo f(x))

“If my training plan or a new supplement isn’t working, HRV is can alert me to a problem before it manifests as symptoms. It also allows me to track progress in my chronically overtrained clients.” -Chris Kelly (Pro Mountain Biker, Co-Founder of Nourish Balance Thrive)

“If you want to be competitive, you have to train smarter than everyone else. This is a tool that will give you an edge.” -Arthur Guerrero (Masters Jiu Jitsu Competitor, Father of 4)

“This program provides clear feedback … AND … shows you how to bring your body into a healing state.” -Lone McCord (Google Play Store review)

“This is a fantastic app. It has made a tremendous difference in my life. I’m now able to accurately measure my recovery and shatter old standing performance records, with ease.” – Austin Bond (Google Play Store review)

Fact Sheet


CEO: Jason Moore

COO: Alyssa Moore

Latest Version

v3.7.6 –  last updated April 2016


iOS 6.0+ Compatible for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Android 4.3+ Compatible for phones and tablets


Free for app

Adjustable pricing for Web Analysis Dashboard starting at $5/month


Why did you create the app?

We saw the potential for HRV and biofeedback in the sports performance and health arenas but realized there were few quality HRV options available to the masses. Most HRV biofeedback apps/software are expensive or require specialty monitors. Hardware technology advances now allow for accurate data capture and we wanted to provide a quality, free app to allow every body the option to use HRV to optimize their performance and recovery.

If the app is completely free, how do you make any money?

In order to continue to provide a free, quality consumer app, we generate revenue from the Elite HRV Team platform.

What is different about the Team platform?

The Elite HRV Team platform is a web dashboard that allows a team leader (coach, health practitioner, or group leader) to aggregate their team members’ HRV data for trending and analysis on a group and individual level.

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